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David Jones launches new premium branded content platform with print magazine and app

The print magazine and app of David Jones’ new premium branded content platform, Jones launches today. Department store David Jones has launched the first issue of its premium branded content platform, Jones magazine. Published by Medium Rare Content Agency and edited by Deborah Bibby, Jones features highly-respected fashion director, Thelma...

The art of marrying offline and online

Over the last decade, marketing has evolved at an exponential rate. Some experts even go as far as saying that digital marketing has overthrown traditional marketing whereas others feel it is just the flavour of the season. Well the truth is, the two coexist harmoniously and work together to expand...

CleanEars Kids

A fun little ad, made on a budget. It uses the core brand identity to drive the commercial.

How Pokemon Go proved all the experts wrong!

In the history of the internet and consumer tech, nothing has had an adoption of more than 100 million global users in six days. Everybody said AR couldn’t be a success unless VR headsets or Google Glass took off, but Nintendo and Niantic have disproved that. The average iPhone user...

Zero Budget Addicts

I’m really interested in the theory of Zero Marketing Budgets. Not why it’s done, but why it isn’t done more often. Don’t get me wrong, I love clients who like to spend money, but is it justified, or are they just doing the same as you did last time. Have...

Levantine Hill

We designed and created this brand logo for a premium winery estate in the Yarra Valley. The interlocked letters resemble the sweeping hill that the estate was first founded on. We also produced signage, stationery and other collateral to help build this into one of the Valley’s great wineries.

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