Is design simply a nice name for thinking about how stuff looks?

Why does it matter? Because psychology says what we see affects how we feel, act and in a sense who we are. Design helps create products, services and experiences that customers want. And if your design is better than your competition – well, you know the rest.

If we look at colours as a simple example we can see how they create feelings and moods; bright colourful colours might make us feel happy, whereas dark, cold colours create a very different feeling. Shapes and images create similar responses often being described as hard, angular, soft or round.

Describing something as beautiful or ugly is our intellectual explanation of our senses.

It is incredibly boring to use Apple as an example, but it’s so easy to see they value design in everything they do; from the closing snap of a laptop lid (they actually have a trademark on that), to the “designed” packaging a new device arrives in. And it’s no accident they are one of the world’s most valuable companies.

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