What’s the world’s no.1 brand doing now?

Apple has spent US$4.7 billion on R&D in the automotive and related sectors. That’s more than the 14 largest vehicle manufacturers combined spent in connected car R&D. And it’s more than Apple spent on the iPad and iPhone R&D prior to their launch. I wonder what shiny new thing they’re...

Do social media numbers stack up?

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Status Update is the new Status Symbol

Kids today seem to be more interested in experience than ownership and having to share that experience to prove they’ve done it. Take Instagram for example, what a perfect way to update their experiences with others. It’s proof “I’ve been there” or “I’ve done that”. And that Instagram went from...

A lot gets said about digital budgets versus traditional and the like. But why silo budgets? Shouldn’t it really be one budget, one strategy and one execution? The keyword is integration. Look at all channels and work out where your money gets it’s best ROI and go for it.

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